Tips For Choosing Curtains By Ming’s Living In Singapore For Every Room

Curtains are, by far, the most attractive means of dressing a window. They add color, texture, warmth, and light, and they are very versatile. They can hang in two panels or more, be gathered and draped, or fall straight to the floor. Curtains have a big impact on a room’s overall decor, so choosing curtains is an important task. The following are some points to consider when selecting curtains by Ming’s Living in Singapore for different rooms.

The Bedroom

For most people, controlling light is the most important function of bedroom window curtains. No one wants a weekend sleep-in disturbed by bright, early-morning light. Thus, heavy curtains that block out light, sometimes called black-out curtains, are a popular choice for the bedroom. Another benefit of heavy curtains is their ability to keep out the cold as well. They can help save money on heating costs in the winter and easily be pulled open when the weather is warm.

The Living Room

The living room is the showroom of the house and, along with the kitchen, is the place where most entertaining occurs. A bold print or a rich solid color works well for long-paneled living room curtains. If the room tends to be dark, consider adding a sheer or lacy inner curtain that can let in the maximum amount of light while adding a touch of softness and elegance. Valances are also common with living room curtains. These are decorative panels that cover just the upper part of the window.

The Kitchen

When choosing curtains for the kitchen, think about function before form. First of all, kitchen curtains should be easy to wash because they will likely be splashed and stained. They will also hold smells from food. Most people find that the best fabrics for kitchen curtains are cotton and linen. Another important consideration is safety. If curtains hang anywhere near the stove, they must be treated for fire resistance.

The Bathroom

Bathroom curtains need to perform two functions: they should provide privacy and be water resistant. Most people prefer light-colored or white curtains in the bathroom to maximize reflected light. However, sheer curtains don’t give enough privacy, especially if the window faces a public space.